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Crane & Rigging Rental Service

A Coeur d’Alene based crane service, Strate Line offers operated hydraulic cranes from 30 tons up to 175 tons. Tip heights up to 300 feet! Our operators, cranes and equipment are certified to meet and exceed Washington, Montana and Idaho standards.

We are a crane service that specializes in operated hydraulic crane rental, machinery/equipment moving and personnel baskets and complete rigging rentals. We currently provide service to companies such as Avista Utilities and Kootenai Electric for setting vaults, poles and offer men and equipment in those hard to reach places. We also offer expert crane operators who can perform the actual lifting for you.

At Strate Line, we rent a wide range of cranes that can handle even the most challenging projects. This can include construction projects for erecting a variety of cell towers, bridge construction, dam hoisting operations, and even hazard removal such as trees or large debris.

We also understand the landscape of the Northwest better than anyone else. Between the steep cliffs, towering mountains, and deep valleys, building in the Northwest area has its challenges. Everyone wants a home overlooking a beautiful lake, but how do you get a hot tub on the back deck, or insert a concrete bathroom at the trailhead of a mountain? Strate Line has the right equipment and expertise to ensure that no matter the terrain, we will get the job done right.

In addition to crane rental services, the team at Strate Line can handle your heavy equipment and industrial machinery moves with the expert training and reliability needed to protect your costly investments. Whether you’re moving one piece of machinery or planning a complete warehouse relocation, our heavy equipment movers provide specialized equipment such as high capacity forklifts, machine skates, and toe jacks to get the job done right and on time.

Project Quotes

We quote projects by the day, week and month. The mobilization, wages and per diem are affected by each specific project and we feel that the best price is to quote each job individually. Please don’t hesitate to call to receive your free quote! (208) 659-7523 


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26469 W. Highway 53 Hauser, ID 83854
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