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Industial Crane Work in Sandpoint, Idaho


The northwest is constantly growing, with more people moving, building and producing products in the area. The last 10 years have seen a boom in industry and production across Idaho, Washington and Montana, with positive economic growth on all fronts.

For the industrial industry, solid work and timely projects are key. At Strate Line Crane and Rigging, we know you want a project done right the first time, every time.

Places like Sandpoint, Idaho, are booming with industry right now. Our area services are simple and applicable to almost any project. Not only do we have the proper crane and rigging machines ( to move whatever you need, but we also offer these great services to areas like Sandpoint:

1) Serving area utility companies:
In our community, trees, mountains and lakes can get in the way of the normal utility lines. We are able to: set transformers to and from pads or power poles; place labor, material, and equipment in hard to reach places for pole sets; support power distribution lines during equipment upgrades; remove hazards from on or around power lines.


2) Serving industrial companies:

Because of our well-trained staff and our top-of-the-line machines, we are able to perform lifts for industrial companies that support our communities. We are able to: assist in batch plant setup, tear down, or routine maintenance; place truck scale decks; assist in routine and complex maintenance on aggregate crushers and other industrial machinery; also assemble heavy or bulky equipment to suit your exact expectations and needs.


2) Assisting commercial market contractors: 

In addition to our previous services we are able to perform lifts for the commercial market contractors, installing and lifting mechanical units for rooftops, or for insertion into high locations; lift and place chiller and compressor components, vent stacks or ventilation fans.


No matter where the job takes us across the northwest, from the west coast up to Sandpoint or down south, our highly trained team is able to complete the job for industrial companies and innovators across the region.

Call today ( for a free quote, and learn how Strate Line Crane and Rigging can help you get your job done fast, efficiently and safely. 


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