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What We Do

We perform lifts for the utility companies that serve our communities:

  • setting transformers to and from pads or power poles
  • placing the labor, material, and equipment in hard to reach places for pole sets
  • supporting power distribution lines during equipment upgrades
  • removing hazard trees from on or around power lines

We perform lifts for the industrial companies that support our communities:

  • batch plant setup, tear down, or maintenance
  • truck scale decks
  • aggregate crusher maintenance
  • heavy equipment assembly

We perform lifts for the commercial market contractors:

  • mechanical units for the roof tops
  • chiller and compressor components
  • vent stacks
  • ventilation fans

We perform lifts for our communities residents:

  • spas onto the back deck or loft
  • ridge beams, joists, rafters, trusses on the new home or remodel
  • storage sheds, garages, containers,
  • hazard trees removals or new plantings for those hard to reach places

We perform lifts for the mining industry that supports our communities:

  • head pulley maintenance
  • hoist rope replacement
  • compressor maintenance
  • electric transformer and switch gear upgrades

We perform all types of machinery install services. From small manual machinery in one off, R and D shops, to large automated CNC machines and injection molding equipment, in production facilities.

  • Full arsenal of jack and roll equipment
  • Multiple forklift sizes with accessories
  • Rigging service and equipment for all applications
  • Air, nylon, or steel, skate options
  • No machine or project to large or small


Mailing Address
P.O. Box 280
Post Falls, ID 83877

Physical Address
26469 W. Highway 53
Hauser, ID 83854

Ph. (208) 659-7523
Fax. (208) 930-4724

P.O. Box: 280
Post Falls
ID 83877
26469 W. Highway 53 Hauser, ID 83854
Phone: (208) 659-7523