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  • Overcoming challenges: poor site conditions

    As the snow begins melting and the days get longer, construction projects begin to kick into high gear in the Northwest. Both residential and commercial projects have their challenges that people work to overcome. For example, in some commercial jobs, moving heavy items through tricky situations might be a common challenge.  
    Problem: Poor Site Conditions
    However, for both types of construction projects, space is often a big issue. Crews find that these construction projects have poor site conditions. This could be due to obstructions, like geography or other buildings, or weakened soil after a wet winter. Whatever the case, crews have to ...

  • Building custom home in North Idaho

    During 2016 and through the start of 2017, home sales have steadily increased in North Idaho. Real estate closings — people buying new homes — were up nearly 20 percent at the start of the year, and all indicators have shown that the real estate market is staying strong. However, the biggest challenge for the area is a lack of inventory on the market. People want to buy homes and move into the area, but there aren’t houses for sale. 
    Instead, residents are embracing custom build projects — instead of waiting for the perfect home to be available on the ...

  • Using cranes for construction: At the home and on the highways

    Summer and fall are some of the best times for yardwork — spending sunny days in the garden, pulling weeds and mowing lawns. Many times, homeowners use the guaranteed good weather as a chance to complete bigger improvement projects as well, such as building a custom dream house or removing a potentially hazardous tree. These projects are not always easy, and take planning and professional help to pull off. 
    In the same vein, construction crews take advantage of good weather to complete much-needed maintenance on local roads and highways. You may have noticed, as you drive between Montana, Idaho and Washington ...

  • How to save money on your construction project

    When you’re working on a construction project, no matter the size, you want to save money where you can. The little things can add up fast, so it’s important to pay attention to the simple ways to save money on the construction project. When hiring contractors and companies to help with the work, there are a few things to look for to ensure you’re saving money. 
    Here are three ways to save money on your construction project:  

    The early bird gets the worm Hire companies that doesn’t just work 9 to 5. Some crane and rigging companies, such as ...

  • Communication for construction: Why is it important

    With construction, scheduling is never going to be easy. With so many moving parts — and trying to get projects done as quickly and efficiently as possible — ensuring you have smooth sailing is key. 
    That’s one hurdle the team at Strate Line Crane and Rigging is used to clearing. We work with a variety of companies, schedules and machinery to make sure the job is done. 
    Recently, our team worked on renovating the Pence Student Union building at Eastern Washington University. 
    The major renovations took place from the skeleton all the way throughout to the exterior, and included 10 ...

  • Taking to the skies: How cranes can be used in aviation

    In the past, we’ve talked about how Strate Line Crane and Rigging can help you at sea and on land. 
    But what about in the air? 
    In addition to the typical crane and rigging services — industrial work, commercial construction, new homes — the team at Strate Line has also helped aviation companies in North Idaho and Eastern Washington. 
    For example, our team recently worked with the Spokane International Airport. With the Spokane area  continuing to grow and thrive, the airport has been attracting more travelers, both for tourism and business. As the airport offers more services, the area and roads ...

  • 3 ways a crane can help you prepare for summer

    As the days get longer and the sun shines a little warmer, people across the Northwest start preparing for summer. Whether that means breaking out the grill or breaking out your favorite shorts, one thing is for sure — many people will be looking forward to their first day on the water. 
    It doesn’t matter if you live in North Idaho year-round, or if you’re a snowbird who is only in Eastern Washington for a few warm months. Summer time is the time to be on one of the many lakes and rivers found throughout the region — and spring is ...

  • Working underwater: communication and training are key

    Not only can cranes and riggings can be used on land and in treacherous environments, but they can also be pivotal in underwater operations. In one of the Strate Line team’s most recent jobs, we demonstrated firsthand the importance of safe, stable cranes during marine jobs. 
    In this photo, our team combined forces with the professionals at Ballard Marine Construction to assist a dive team 125 feet below the surface. The dive team worked as a repair operation for Avista Utilities on the Noxon Rapids hydroplant, part of the “Clark Fork Project” in Western Montana. 
    As the team worked underwater, the dive ...

  • Lift your world: Cranes can help move machinery

    As heavy rains and slushy snows slow construction work, many construction companies take late winter and early spring to undertake major maintenance operations. Production and manufacturing facilities can use this lull to their advantage. 
    Moving large equipment can be taxing and may seem impossible, but with the help of cranes and rigging from Strate Line, anything is possible. Local companies such as River City Fabrication and J&M Fabrication were able to disassemble and relocate multiple large pieces of material handling equipment machines in their 500,000-square-foot facility in Stateline, Idaho.
    In the attached photo, we have an example of crane work ...

  • Moving heavy machinery? It’s easier than you think

    When many people think of cranes and rigging, they think of building and construction, but there’s another side to what our rigs can do. Many companies rent our services to move heavy machinery, such as mid-sized Fadal, Mazaak or Haas CNC machines.
    When North Idaho College in Coeur d’Alene relocated its entire technical education program to the new CTEC facility, our rigging team was there to help move heavy machinery and oversized equipment. Because the machinery was moved quickly, the equipment was powered up by MTS of Spokane, and ready to go almost immediately. The education capacity of the facility ...

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