Strate Line has the cranes for mining in North Idaho

North Idaho — as well as parts of Washington and Montana — has a rich mining history that dates back to the founding of many towns and settlements in the area. Zinc, lead and silver have long been found in the Coeur d’Alene Mining District and in North Idaho mines across the panhandle. Many of those mines are still in operation today. While the idea of mining may conjure images of prospectors panning for gold or using a pick ax to chip away at a rock wall, today, modern technology and updated equipment make the mining industry a safe, exciting industry. Strate Line Crane and Rigging is helping to keep the mining industry safe and making strides in the way cranes are used for mining in North Idaho. We don’t just do residential work!

One such mine is the Luck Friday mine, for Hecla Mining Co., in the Silver Valley District near Mullan. The Lucky Friday mine is a deep underground silver, lead and zinc mine, producing about 3 million ounces of silver each year, and processes 815 tons of ore each day. 

Strate Line works with Hecla Mining to use cranes and rigging to quickly and efficiently work in the Lucky Friday mine. Because our operators and riggers are certified and trained, our operation is safe, as well as professional. The team also works to preserve natural resources while on site. 

Because the team at Strate Line is familiar with rugged terrain we’re able to get the job done quickly. Do you have a tricky job? Contact us today for a free site visit and quote, and we can get the job started for you.  

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