Awkward material and tricky maneuvers are no match for the team at Strate Line

crane lifting an object over a building

Construction projects are never a simple task. There are a lot of things to consider, and many different aspects to each project. Sometimes, even with all the planning and preparing, crews may realize that material needs to be lifted or lowered in strange ways to get where it needs to go. The diverse geography in North Idaho, Eastern Washington and Western Montana can also create challenges for projects, whether in public works, private sector, highway construction or even residential buildings.  

The team at Strate Line Crane and Rigging can help. Most recently, the team used rigging and cranes to lift awkwardly shaped material through the window of an old building. With small windows and neighboring buildings, the project required maneuverability and precision. However, the cranes and equipment from Strate Line were up for the task, and the operators were properly trained and certified. 

If your project requires heavy or awkward lifting up 20 stories through a window, or even 600 feet of the edge below grade, we have the equipment and the operators up for the challenge. 

Strate Line also provides a free site visit and quote, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Our goal is to be efficient and transparent to make sure your project gets done properly, and on time. 

Contact us today for your free quote, or to get started. 

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